The ultimate Game Jam
brought to you by GameLab Schmiede

Jam Island

Far over the misty mountains, there is an island in the midst of a roaring river. Once upon a time, white gold was dug here from the mountain. Now, that gold is gone. But hey, there is internet access, really cheap beer and the great opportunity to join an amazing bunch of people in a lovely media-art-games-performance-derp-gathering!

jam island is a 3 step game jam, that takes place at Schmiede from September 10-20 in an abandoned industrial salt refinery on an island in Hallein, Austria. Up to around 300 people gather in order to get inspired, network, create, present and share. Schmiede provides a basic cooperative prototyping environment and an infrastructure full of impulses and passionate people

What to expect...

cheap beer

exciting game jam

great working environment

lecture and presentation program

takes place where the sound of music was filmed


Are you really brave enough, for the adventure of your life

Meeting ghosts, making games and fightign crazy pirates

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